Welcome to our section on ways to stay happy and healthy!

We have put together some of our favourite links to sites and apps where you can find lots of ideas to keep you happy and healthy in both body and mind.  Just click on the pictures below and enjoy yourself!


Go Noodle features 100’s of ‘brainercise’, dancing, strength and mindfulness videos – as well as videos that are just for fun.

P.E. Activities – 11th May 2020 

Here are some links to additional PE material from Ms Mangan for everyone to have a go at!

1. Beyond the Classroom PE, Introductory Video for Parents: https://vimeo.com/402202868

Beyond the classroom, Throwing skills video: Suitable for all levels :
developing the skill, exploring the skill, mastering the skill: https://vimeo.com/211489230
Throwing, Home Activity A: https://vimeo.com/402212771
Throwing, Home Activity B: https://vimeo.com/402220846
Throwing, Home Activity C: https://vimeo.com/403344557

2. GAA Skills with Amanda
Video 1 : jumping Skills Part 1, Junior Infants – 2nd Class

GAA with Amanda Part 1

Wellbeing tips from Mental Health Ireland – it is really important to keep our minds and bodies healthy and well!

Maths and Movement with your dice!

Creature Movement dice game :

Each number has a corresponding activity. You can draw and stick a picture of each creature on each number on the dice if you like. Roll dice, move to a cone and back carrying out the action on the dice. Have a race with someone else in your family.
1.Jump like a Kangaroo, 2. Hop like a Bunny, 3. Crawl like a cat, 4. Leap like a frog, 6. Wiggle like a Worm, 6. Gallop like a horse

Farm Animals sounds game:

This is the same as game 1 but using farm animal sounds instead. (i) Sound like a cow, cat, dog, horse, pig, chick

Here are some you tube video links with different PE activities to try out using your dice:

Junior Infants – 2nd Class Dice Games
Maths & Movement 2nd – 6th Class Maths and Movement 
5th & 6th Class Bootcamp Dice Bootcamp
Aerobic Exercise Aerobics

Why not have a go at making up your own dice / movement game?  Send us on your ideas to ladyswell.loveslearning@gmail.com

Cosmic Yoga

Yoga and storytelling videos designed for children aged 3+

BBC Supermovers

Interactive videos that support maths, literacy and PE.  Great for times tables and also lots of videos just for fun.

Joe Wicks – The Body Coach

Daily 30 minute PE lessons available on his youtube channel.  Suitable for all the family to join in!

Smiling Mind

Short audio sessions to help with mindfulness. Available to download as an app to your phone or tablet for free.

The National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) have put together some advice and resources for keeping children and young adults well during Covid-19.  Please find below links to some of their relevant information:

Advice to young people while schools are closed

A plan for the day

Relaxation Techniques

NEPS psychologists have developed guidance for parents supporting children to create new routines at home. Having a Plan for the Day is key for children/young people to manage and stay well at this time.

Guide for parents supporting children