Hello to all our super readers of Ladyswell.  Below are some of the most popular websites and apps available free to download or use.

Reading brings us so many rewards – the information, ideas and stories to be found are endless.  The more you read the more you will learn about our wonderful world!

A nice idea would be to keep a reading diary – keep notes of the names of the books, stories, articles, comics etc that you read over the next few weeks.  We may just have some prizes for the most improved readers!

Ms Harnett has signed up all of our 1st and 2nd Class readers to GET EPIC! and is keeping an eye on all the wonderful reading that you are doing.  If anyone has yet to sign up please send your email details to ladyswellns@gmail.com

BorroxBox Library is an app that makes it easy to browse, borrow and listen to your library’s eAudiobooks and eBooks anywhere, everywhere.

Oxford Owl allows free access to a variety of books levelled according to age.  Click on the button below to access! Keep a record of all the books that you have enjoyed – write a book review for a friend!