News from Dublin Zoo!

Baby penguins born at Dublin Zoo

News of the Day: Baby penguins born at Dublin Zoo!

Thursday 30th April 2020

These two adorable penguin chicks have given staff at Dublin Zoo double reason to celebrate despite the current coronavirus hardships.

The two cute Humboldt penguin chicks are the newest additions to the zoo’s 16-strong colony.

They are the first baby penguins born in Dublin Zoo since 2013!!!!!!

The first chick was born on March 29 to parents Monica (7) and Joey (8) while the second chick arrived just days later to parents Magdalena (18) and Patrick (16).

Magdalena and Patrick didn’t just become parents again but are also grandparents as Monica is their offspring.

Why not spend a few minutes watching the penguins live on the webcam! 😊

Snow Leopard Fun Facts!

Did you know?

Snow leopards are able to kill prey three times their own weight.

In winter the fur on their back and sides can be 5cm long and on their stomachs it can be almost 12cm long1

Snow leopards use their long, thick tail to help them balance when moving about in their steep mountain homes.

They are unable to roar like other big cats. They make a range of other noises including hisses, growls and mews.

Snow leopards are most active at dawn and dusk, but may hunt at any time of the day or night.

Snow leopards have been seen chasing prey across slopes and down mountain-sides for 200 to 300m.

They can jump as far as 15m and can jump up to 6m vertically!

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