Hi everyone!

We have put together some of our favourite maths websites and games for you to try out at home.  Just click on the button you would like to try and have a go!

You can challenge your friends or families with lots of the games but the main thing to remember is to have fun while learning and practicing all your skills.

First Class Maths: MONEY

Have a go at some of our favourite money games or sing the euro money song!

Explore, discuss, identify money, coins. Talk about change, why it is given, you can use the 100 square to talk about change from €1

Toy Shop
Coin Cruncher
Exchange game

Lots more money games here
euro games

1st & 2nd Class

Here are some more fun numeracy games!
Funky Mummy
Counting Cars
Range Arranger

Try some of these logic games for fun!

Car Park Puzzle

The Warehouse

Busy at Maths – Free Online tutorials!

Fallons have made all of their Busy at Maths online tutorials, games and interactives FREE to all teachers, parents and pupils.  Just click on the link below to visit the site, click ‘student resources’, then filter to the class and interactive that you require.


Have a go at learning some new songs! This week we have decided to share our favourite songs about:

Days of the week:  Days of the Week

3D shapes: 3d Shapes Song

Counting in 5’s  5’s song

Some lovely ideas below from Ms Phelan for all the 1st and 2nd Class children:

Talk about
Days of the week-how many, their names; months of the year, seasons, telling the time 
 Money –looking at coins, counting money, playing shop

Counting up to 100, in short sequences forwards and backwards.
• Look at, discuss and explore the 100 square
Counting tennis – mammy/daddy says one number child says the next, all the way to a given number – whoever reaches that number wins. You can do this with a group of children too.
• Counting around in a group, when you reach particular number, instead of saying the number the child has to meow like a cat, roar like a tiger, jump up etc etc
Counting in groups of 5, counting in groups of 10 forwards and backwards-bunny hops in the garden, giant steps, tiny steps, loud stomps, quiet steps
What number am I? Pick a number between 1 and 50, child asks questions – are you bigger than 25? Are you smaller than 40? Like guess who but with numbers!
• I am 5, give me an adding or taking away sum that gives the answer 5
• Ask your children to tell you about their “Friends of ten”, “Friends of 20” “Magic triangles”, “friendly decuples”, ask them to write them down in a picture to explain what they are.
• Go on a shape walk and draw pictures of all the different shaped items you find!

The following two links contains extra maths ideas for 1st and 2nd Class students.

1st Class Extras

2nd Class Extras