Fáilte Isteach chuig ár scoil.

Welcome everyone to

Ladyswell National School!

Magical Memories: 2nd Class 2018

As we near the end of our academic year 2019 – 2020 we would like to wish you all a peaceful, happy and safe summer.  Many thanks to you all for the fantastic learning you have been doing at home over the past couple of months.  We are all eagerly looking forward to hopefully returning to our classrooms on Thursday 27th August.   The school will be open until Tuesday 30th June for collection / return of books and parcels.

Below is a special video message for all our students and families from Mr Murray.

Dear Parents, 

On Tuesday 23rd along with our usual parcels for collection we will have your child’s / children’s school reports available for collection.

We would love if all school books / library books are returned on the day so that we can begin to prepare for the next school term.

Book rental money will also be collected by staff.

Many thanks to you all!

Dear Parents,

A few weeks ago, along with the food parcels, we gave out dominoes to families, as a way to keep a bit of light-hearted Mental Maths going.

We hope those who got them had some fun!

This week we gave out hula hoops to every family, as a help to a bit of ‘Oudoors PE‘ in the back garden. It is important to keep some physical exercise going, especially when the sun is shining!

Next Tuesday we will continue the exercise theme! We hope to give out a skipping rope to every family- no batteries or screens needed, just good old-fashioned fun!!

So come along on Tuesday! 

Hoola Hoop time!


Get skipping!

A special message from all the staff of Ladyswell to all of our fantastic students. You are greatly missed by us all.

Many thanks to everyone who has joined us so far on Seesaw!

Dear Parents,

In response to our school’s recent online survey, we would like to provide our pupils with the opportunity to receive teacher feedback on some of the work that they will be
doing at home.

We will continue to use the website to assign work and will introduce an additional website/app called Seesaw. On Seesaw, students can view class announcements, access activities posted by their teacher, upload completed activities
and receive feedback from their teacher.

From next Monday, 18th May, we will begin using Seesaw. The activities assigned on Seesaw will come from the weekly work that is posted on the school website and are not additional activities. Therefore, your child’s workload will not increase.

Three activities, chosen by your child’s teacher, will appear on Seesaw between Monday and Wednesday each week. We would ask that responses be submitted on the site by Thursday so that feedback can be given by Friday.

For now, we would just like families to click the link https://app.seesaw.me/ or download the Seesaw app and enter the code which has been emailed to you by your child’s teacher.

The code is is unique to your child. This code is like a password and should be kept safe and never shared. To ensure privacy, any work that your child submits can only be seen by their

Seesaw is intended to aid your child’s learning and its use is optional but we would hope that everyone will give it a go.

We will be in touch soon with more detailed directions regarding how to use the app.

Many thanks,
Niall Murray

A heartfelt huge thank you to the manager and staff of Mr Price, Blanchardstown Centre who helped out loading up Ms Sloan’s car over several trips, with the contents of our learning packs.  Laura and her staff went out of their way and were extremely helpful and friendly.  It would not have been possible without their help!

We hope all of our students received their packs and are enjoying working away with the contents.  You will find lots of helpful ideas and tips in our Maths and Healthy Happy posts below!

Thank You Mr Price!